5 Best Mobile Apps For Productivity To Improve Your Daily Life

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Often our phones are a distraction especially when you need to be productive. However, they do not have to be. There are numerous apps for productivity that one can get in order to use their time wisely doing what needs to be done. In this video I mention a few apps for productivity, in a sea full of them, that I use to try and stay on top of my game. Hope you enjoy the video and also share with me in the comments the apps for productivity that you use to maximise your productivity. 

5 Apps For Productivity

Here is the list of productivity apps mentioned in the video:

1. Alarmy

2. Zen

3. Focus keeper

4. Calendar

5. Music app

The dependency on mobile phone in our every day life is remarkably on a very higher note, the mobile phone is one gadget which over shadow many products not almost completely but of course in a comprehensive manner.

From torch to watch, camera to radio and visual devices and includes many in the list. The apps are the basically the software’s which play a major role for our increasing love towards  mobile devices.

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