Best Web Hosting GoDaddy | BlueHost | HostGator | Full Review (2020)

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There are many hosting options out there, but what is the best web hosting solution for your WordPress website in 2020?

In this video, we discuss the 4 most popular types of hosting solutions for WordPress then compare the 2 of the most commonly used: shared hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting based on 8 components.

➡️Let us know in the comments, what are your best and worst experiences with WP hosting providers?

The main types of hostings that are discussed in this video are:

Dedicated hosting

VPS hosting

Shared hosting

Managed WordPress hosting

Best Web Hosting Review

The components that should be used for choosing a hosting platform include:

1. Speed   2. Security   3. Backup   4. Elasticity   5. Uptime   6. Support   7. Complementary tools   8. Pricing

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