Louis Vuitton Handbag Collection | Louis Vuitton 2020 Price Increase

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This is my entire Louis Vuitton Handbag collection! Louis Vuitton is honestly one of my all time favorite brands! The bags are just so classic and neutral. Love the quality and durability. Just everything. Louis Vuitton has also recently had a price increase as well sighhhhh TT.TT But thankfully the increase wasn’t THAT bad or extensive. The only bags that really got hit with a decent price jump are the Multi-Pochette and the Pochette Accessoires with a 13-17% price jump. Thankfully I never planned on getting the Multi-Pochette. The other pieces had a 2-8% increase. An increase is still an increase, but that comes with these economic times. But luckily it wasn’t an overall price increase on every bag it was just on the more popular pieces.

Louis Vuitton Handbag collection

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